Youth Action Day

Challenging Youth to Join the Fight, Take Action, and Spread Hope.

Every May during ALS Awareness Month, The ALS Association and the Golden West Chapter celebrate ALS Youth Action Day to engage kids, teenagers, and young adults directly in the fight against ALS. Young supporters can take the ALS Youth Challenge to raise awareness and funds for the fight against ALS, and to spread hope and inspire others to envision a world without ALS.

Our goal is to empower young people directly affected by ALS to get involved as well as recruit others to join them in support of the ALS community. Show your support by featuring your child’s ALS Youth Challenge activity on Facebook and connecting it to a Facebook Fundraiser, through your Walk to Defeat ALS or Ride to Defeat ALS participant center, or set it up as a standalone fundraiser. Ask us how!

The ALS Youth Challenge can empower kids directly affected by ALS as well as recruit others into the fight. Show us what you can do and take the #ALSYouthAction Challenge! Download this helpful toolkit to get started.

Choose Your Action!

Do you play the piano? Like to draw? There are fun ways to do what you love and raise awareness — and money — at the same time. Set up a virtual event to showcase your hobby or talents! (Don’t forget to make sure it’s okay with your parents!)

Write Letters. Spread Hope.

Contact your local members of Congress and tell them why ALS research and legislation are important to you. Learn about The ALS Associations’ legislative priorities here.

Educate Others. Spread Hope.

Create a presentation to teach your class, friends, school, or any organization about ALS and how it affects your family.

Share Your Hero. Spread Hope.

Take a picture of your ALS hero. It could be someone living with ALS, or a caregiver, scientist, or doctor participating in the fight against ALS. Post the photo to social media using the hashtags #ALSHero and #ALSYouthAction. Include a few sentences about how your hero inspires you.

Use Your Imagination. Spread Hope.

Develop your own awareness or fundraising idea. Your ideas and passion are limitless. Show everyone your creativity as you help those fighting ALS!


If you are under 18, ask your mom, dad, or another adult for permission and/or to help you.

Start planning your Youth Challenge. Download this helpful toolkit and get started.

Please contact Janelle Webb, Family Outreach Specialist, for more information.

Here are a few examples of the creative and impactful work of young supporters of the Golden West Chapter!

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