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When Jim Obergefell met John Arthur: The heartbreaking love story behind the historic Supreme Court case

BBWP TODAY Jim Obergefell

The landmark case guaranteeing same-sex couples the right to get married was set in motion when Obergefell’s husband was diagnosed with a fatal disease.

As many same-sex couples decide to celebrate their love by getting married during this Pride Month, they have the perseverance of Jim Obergefell to thank.

While his name is part of the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court ruling in 2015 that guaranteed the legal right for same-sex couples to get married, there is a love story behind the legal documents.

Obergefell’s persistence in having his marriage to his dying husband, John Arthur, legally recognized on Arthur’s death certificate changed the course of history for LGBTQ+ couples in America.

Here is what to know about Obergefell, Arthur and the ground-breaking case.

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