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Finney Freedom Prize Created

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The Human Rights Foundation announced the creation of the Finney Freedom Prize, commemorating the work of Hal Finney, civil liberties advocate, software developer, and one of the earliest developers of Bitcoin. Hal was a pioneer of digital privacy and electronic cash systems, and eventually stood alongside Satoshi Nakamoto to help develop Bitcoin in its earliest days. 

Hal was diagnosed with ALS in 2009 and his wife Fran, was his primary caregiver until his death in 2014. Fran served as a care manager for the ALS Network for many years. She now chairs the Running Bitcoin Challenge, an event to raise awareness and funds to help find better treatments and cures for ALS. 

The Finney Freedom Prize will be awarded to the person who does the most for Bitcoin and human rights in each halving era. The Prize was created to honor Hal for his lifelong dedication to digital liberty, and to recognize those who, like him.

The ALS Network sends our deepest congratulations to Fran and the Finney Family for this recognition of Hal’s achievements and community impact.

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