Equipment Loan Program

MC Hoover Negre (Mac)

Increasingly, medical equipment is not fully covered by insurance, or it may take an exceedingly long period of time for a person to receive it. Families often cannot provide adequate care without critical equipment as they wait for their insurance plan to determine eligibility.

The ALS Network provides an equipment loan program (ELP) free-of-charge to families in need of necessary durable medical equipment (DME) and complex rehab technologies (CRT). This includes those who do not have DME or CRT coverage through health insurance, have high-out-pocket deductibles, and/or do not otherwise have the means to pay for it themselves.

The goal of this ELP program is to promote safety and mobility for people with ALS who are unable to obtain these items through other means. To qualify, a person must have ALS or a related diagnosis, and reside within the ALS Network area. Some examples of equipment offered through this program include (as available):

  • Transport/companion wheelchairs
  • Power wheelchairs
  • Four-Wheel Walkers
  • 3:1 Commode Chairs
  • Fully electric hoyer lifts
  • Sliding bath benches
  • Shower bath transfer systems
  • Ramps
Equipment Loan Program Examples

In California, we partner with Superior Mobility and NuMotion in order to manage an inventory of safe, functional, appropriate equipment. In Hawaii, our Equipment Loan Program Coordinator, Mac Negre, manages this program for our local families.

Here is some of the feedback we have received:

“The ALS Network provides an unparalleled robust spectrum of client care services and an expansive equipment loan program for the ALS community unlike any other.” – Superior Mobility

“In support of our mission and commitment to those living with ALS, we are proud to partner with the ALS Network as a provider of their loan equipment program. Our shared dedication to continued mobility and independence has created a complimentary partnership and we are honored to help meet the needs of the ALS community.” – NuMotion

"The ALS Network staff were just amazing...actually, they weren't just amazing in finding us the equipment and items we needed, but we could feel that it was just as important to them as it was to us to get what we needed for my was like it was their own family they were doing this for. They didn't stop until we had what we needed and always worked so hard to get it quickly." – Robert V. who lost his mom to ALS

“The wheelchair is perfect and will open so many other doors for us!!! My husband looked so comfortable when I drove up to the house that it almost brought tears to my eyes!” – Pamela M.

To learn more about this critical program, please reach out to your care manager, or contact 818-865-8067 for more information.

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