Newly Diagnosed
You are not alone.

Receiving a diagnosis of ALS is challenging and overwhelming. There is so much to know, a great deal to consider, and typically a host of questions. While no two people with ALS are alike or will experience the condition in the same way, there is a great deal of collective knowledge and expertise available from health care providers, people with ALS, family members and caregivers.

Doctor And Patient

Register with ALS Network

The ALS Network’s team of professional Care Managers provide expert advice and assistance for people living with ALS, free of charge. Our office is open Monday through Friday. Please fill out this new client intake form (also available in Spanish), contact us at 1-866-750-2572 or email us at

Learn About Insurance, Medicare, and Veteran Coverage

It is important to understand what is covered under your health insurance plan. You may want to contact your medical insurance provider and request that you be assigned a nurse case manager to be your primary point of contact. Many health plans offer this option.

If you served in the military, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs (800-827-1000) about eligibility for medical coverage and benefits, and disability programs and services.

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