ALS Diagnosis Second Opinion

If you have received an initial diagnosis of ALS, it is reasonable to seek a second opinion. Though relatively rare, people can get misdiagnosed, especially by neurologists who have little experience with ALS and may not be aware of some of the other diseases or conditions that can mimic ALS.

If you want a second opinion, look for a neurologist who specializes in ALS, ideally at an ALS clinic. You can search the ALS Clinics Directory to find a specialist in your area. If you are unable to visit an ALS clinic, ask your local ALS Network care manager if there is a neurologist in your area who is familiar with ALS and the diagnostic process.

When you schedule your appointment, explain that you are seeking a second opinion for an ALS diagnosis. Before your appointment, make sure the neurologist has your initial medical records and test results. Write down any questions you have and ask a loved one to accompany you to provide support and help take notes.

If the second opinion confirms your ALS diagnosis, schedule an appointment at an ALS clinic in your area. If your second-opinion neurologist is affiliated with a clinic, they will make an appointment for you to see their ALS clinic team. In addition to improving quality of life, studies have shown that attending an ALS clinic on a regular basis can extend your life by one year or more.

We also strongly recommend that you register with a local ALS Network care manager. They can help answer your questions, provide support, connect you to resources, and guide you throughout the ALS journey.

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