Resource Guides for Daily Living

In conjunction with Your ALS Guide, the following is a list of up-to-date and informative resources that address many of the common concerns and issues that face people living with ALS.

Reading all of this information at one time can be overwhelming to those living with ALS and their families. We highly recommend that you only access the information that pertains to your present circumstances.

Once you have reviewed this information, you may have questions and you may want to know where to go for more support. Feel free to contact the ALS Network via our toll-free number at (866)-750-2572 or e-mail

Newly Diagnosed with ALS

This resource provides an overview of ALS, what it is, and how it affects your body. It provides information on what kind of resources are available to help you deal with ALS more effectively.

Managing Symptoms of ALS

Learn about a variety of symptoms that may affect you when you have ALS. As the disease progresses, various functions may become affected and it is helpful to understand potential changes so that you know what to expect and how to manage these new changes and symptoms.

Living with ALS: Planning and Decision Making

This resource guide reviews areas where careful planning and decision making will be required and will provide you with resources to help you and your family plan for the future.

Swallowing Changes and Nutritional Management in ALS

This resource will help you understand how swallowing is affected by ALS and what you can do to maintain nutrition for energy and strength and to keep your airway open.

Changes in Speech and Communication Solutions

This resource guide covers how speech can be affected by ALS and explores a variety of techniques, technologies, and devices available for improving communication. By maintaining communication with others, you continue to make a significant difference in their lives, while retaining control of your own.

ALS Network provides an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Equipment Loan program, free-of-charge, to meet both light tech and high tech needs. This program supports those families who do not have coverage through health insurance, have high-out-pocket deductibles, and/or do not otherwise have the means to pay for it themselves.

Managing Respiratory Symptoms with ALS

Learn how breathing is affected by ALS. Specifically, it will teach you the basics of how the lungs function, the changes that will occur, and how to prepare for the decisions that will need to be made when the lungs need maximal assistance.

Resources for Families

ALS Network offers many tools and resources for families facing ALS.