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My ALS Story – The Borba Family

Borba Family My ALS Story

Luis Borba was admired by many and was often referred to as “Uncle Louie,” from many family and friends. Luis developed a life in the Central Valley, and worked on a dairy farm in his early adulthood years. 

About two years before a formal diagnosis, Luis began experiencing problems swallowing, weakness in his hands, and trouble speaking. After seeing many doctors and specialists, Luis received the devastating diagnosis of ALS in 2018. Just days later, he received a tracheostomy and a feeding tube, to assist him with breathing and eating.

Even though it was a grim diagnosis, we still had a lot of fun. We still laughed a lot and he was still able to go outside most days in his powerchair and go around and see his cows. He still lived life.”

-Helen Oliveira

“The whole time he fought this disease, he taught us to fight with perseverance, strength, faith and good humor. Having a good attitude is how we are going forward without him.”

-The Borba Family

In 2020, the Borba family joined the Central Valley Walk to Defeat ALS to help drive the search for effective treatments and cures for ALS and raise support for those affected by ALS. The Borba Family along with Team Lumar will be joining Golden West again this year at the Central Valley Walk to Defeat ALS.To date, the team has raised nearly $78,000 in support of our mission and the ALS community. Although Luis’ battle with ALS ended in 2022, the Borba family has continued to raise ALS Awareness with ALS Golden West.

The Borba Family participated in the Day of Remembrance, a gathering to honor and remember special friends and loved ones lost to ALS, which is an important part of ALS Golden West’s many bereavement resources. The Borba family shared Luis’ story and remembered him as someone who provided for his family, even when facing the disease.

Thank you to the entire Borba family for sharing your story with Golden West and the ALS community! We invite you to share your ALS story as well. In doing so, you are making a difference as we work together to ensure access to essential care services and to drive the search for effective treatments and cures. 

You can also inspire people to get involved in raising ALS awareness and support by joining Golden West’s Walk to Defeat ALS events. 

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