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My ALS Story – Steve Witt and His Family

Steve Witt At His Daughter's Wedding 2

Steve Witt was diagnosed with ALS in May 2022. As a former copywriter at several New York advertising agencies for much of his career, Steve decided to put his writing skills to use with the monthly ALS journal, No Leg to Stand On. His dark, sometimes raw and profane, but always humorous take on ALS has grown a loyal following among hundreds of people living with ALS and caregivers on Facebook support groups.

Steve Witt's blog, No Leg to Stand On

Steve lives in Cape Cod and is served by the ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter and receives care from the Sean M. Healey and AMG Center for ALS at Massachusetts General Hospital. His caregiver is his wife of four decades, Daniela Faibes Witt.

Dani Witt And Steve Witt with their dog

“I have ALS, and if you’re unfamiliar with this incurable, deadly disease, count yourself lucky. 

My current symptoms are muscle weakness in my arms and legs. It has not affected my speech or swallowing. To the extent that one can ever be lucky in this dreaded disease, I have always preferred dinner conversation to an aimless walk.

Yet there’s much I’ve found unnervingly funny. So join me on this journey, and as I lose neurons and everyday functioning, let’s see how long I can keep my sense of humor.”

-Steve Witt, from his journal, No Leg to Stand On

His two adult children, who live in California, connected with Golden West and participated in the Los Angeles Walk to Defeat ALS, raising over $20,000 in donations in 2022.

“We Walk for our dad, Steve Witt, who has shown an unwithering sense of humor in the face of his diagnosis and for our mother, Dani Faibes Witt, his primary caregiver, and pillar of strength in our family. 

We are so grateful to be supported by this community and for the incredible work of Golden West.

Team Witt Walkers look forward to seeing you this November as we walk one step closer to cures for ALS!”

-Ben and Rebecca Witt

Our deepest gratitude to the entire Witt family for sharing your story with Golden West and the ALS community! We invite you to share your ALS story as well. In doing so, you are making a difference as we work together to ensure access to essential care services and to drive the search for effective treatments and cures.

You can also inspire people to get involved in raising ALS awareness and support joining Golden West’s Walk to Defeat ALS events.

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