May is ALS Awareness Month

Join together with the ALS Network (formerly the ALS Association Golden West Chapter) and the ALS community to help educate people about this devastating disease and inspire them to take action to end ALS.

2024 ALS Awareness Month

Throughout this month, we will share important facts about ALS, promising scientific developments, and information about public policy initiatives. We will highlight ALS Network care services, which are provided free-of-charge to people with ALS and their loved ones, and help people live longer and better with ALS than any FDA approved medication.

We will also share many stories from the ALS community to inspire and build connection, and to raise critically-needed funds for our mission and the more than 2000 people living with ALS and their loved ones that we serve. By showing your commitment to raising awareness and support, you provide essential help and hope to the ALS community.

We are grateful for your ongoing dedication to our mission. Let’s #cureALStogether!

My ALS Story: Honoring Stephen, Person with ALS

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Earlier this month, Stephen Ellis lost his battle with ALS. Prior to passing, Stephen shared his ALS story to help others and their loved ones. We honor Stephen and recognize his ALS journey in his own words.

ALS is pretty much different for everyone. For me, it started in my lower body. I was walking funny, and my legs started giving out first. I would fall from time to time, which I later found out was foot drop. I was finally diagnosed in January of 2023.

Within 4-5 months, it went from balance issues to a cane to using a walker. Now, I am in a wheelchair. I still have some strength to stand, to get in and out of bed and to use the restroom. But I can’t really walk anymore because of the strength I've lost.

Then, I found out about the ALS Network. They set me up with a loaner wheelchair, and introduced me to a lot of other folks to bounce my questions off of. My wife is a part of one of their monthly connection groups. Having the opportunity to interact with the other caregivers has given her a lot of knowledge about ALS, and it has helped her through how the disease has impacted her. We also felt a lot of community support by participating in the Walk & Roll to Cure ALS.

I'm a teacher, and I am lucky to have had the support of my employer to help me continue to work. I always say - if I can still talk, then I can still teach - and if I can get up and get to school, then I'm going to be there.

As long as I can, I am going to be working, teaching, and helping my students. The one thing I always tell people is that I'm going to do what I can do until I can't do it any more.

Stephen Ellis
Person with ALS

Resources for Military & Veterans

Resources for Military & Veterans

Did you know that people who have served in any branch of the military have a greater chance of developing ALS? It is known that military personnel and veterans are approximately twice as likely to develop ALS in their lifetime.

The ALS Network is working everyday to support people with ALS and their families, including our heroes who have served in the military and who have a greater chance of developing ALS than those who have not served.

Share the facts about ALS!

The ALS Network and the ALS community recognize ALS Awareness Month by sharing inspiring stories and highlighting current facts about this devastating disease.

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Ways that YOU can help during ALS Awareness Month!

Ways that YOU can help during ALS Awareness Month!

Raise Awareness and Support at a Community Outreach Event!

Raise Awareness and Support at a Community Outreach Event!

The ALS Network provides a variety of engaging activities for those interested in sports and outdoors, arts and entertainment, local ALS care resources, research or public policy updates, community organizing, volunteerism, or spending quality time with family and friends.

Help Fuel Our Mission and Support the ALS Community

Help Fuel Our Mission and Support the ALS Community

Your generous gift provides funding for the vital mission priorities of ALS Network (formerly the ALS Association Golden West Chapter) as we partner with the ALS community to drive the discovery of prevention strategies, treatments, and cures for ALS; provide access to quality care and connection; and promote initiatives to improve health outcomes.

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