Liderazgo Voluntario

The ALS Network's Board of Directors and Advisory Trustees are deeply passionate about our mission and vision. We are extremely grateful to these committed volunteers, who throughout the year, generously share their significant gifts of time, expertise, leadership, compassion, and funding. We appreciate these dedicated volunteers for who they are and what they do to support the ALS community, and to fuel the mission of the ALS Network.


Patty Schimbor IMG 7966

Patricia Schimbor, Lcda.

Presidente de la Junta
Sue Morris

Susan Morris

Vicepresidente de la junta
Jan Medusky IMG 7941

Jan Medusky

Tesorero de la Junta
Jared Gill Headshot

Jared Gill

Secretario de la Junta
Stacy Inman

Stacy Inman, Lic.

Miembro general

Junta Directiva

David Buseck Board Headshot

David Buseck

David Kragg

David W. Cragg

Linda Della

Linda Della

Bruce Friedricks

Bruce Friedricks

Gary Galerne

Gary Galerne

Jonathan S. Katz, MD

Jonathan Katz, MD

Caroline Landry Board

Caroline Landry

Kathleen Rasmussen

Kathleen Rasmussen

Aubrey Rupinta

Aubrey Rupinta, Esq.

Pranjal Shah

Pranjal Shah

Kathy Shawver Maffei

Kathy ShawverMaffei

Karen Sutton

Karen Sutton

Simon Wise 2

Simón sabio

MaryAnn Wittenberg Board 3

MaryAnn Wittenberg

Fideicomisarios Asesores

Lorena Barth

Juan Chino

Jeff Conway

Bryan Deierling

Carol Anne Econn

Joanne "Cookie" Fujio

Robert Martillo

Bruce Jugan

John P. Krave, Esq.

Peter Landecker

Miles McConnell

Victoria "Nohea" Nakaahiki

Dan Navarro

Timothy Noonan

PJ Ochlan

Chris Olsen, MD

Dean Rasmussen

Richard Smith, MD

IH Sutnick

Felipe P. Thomas

Cameron C. Ward. Esq.

Lucy Wedemeyer

ALS Network Staff Leadership

Cherryl Fluke Headshot

Cherryl Fluke, JD

Executive Vice President, Mission Advancement
Asher Garfinkel Headshot

Asher Garfinkel

Vice President, Community Outreach
Audra Hindes Headshot

Audra Hindes, MSEd, MHC

Vice President, Care Services