My ALS Story: David, Person with ALS

David Buseck Article

ALS has definitely changed the way that I live my life. There are some activities that I just can’t do anymore, but others that I’ve been finding ways to adapt. Right now, my biggest challenge is figuring out how to get out into nature. I’ve always loved hiking, and it’s harder to do with a wheelchair.

The ALS Network has a lot of resources available to those living with ALS. Connecting with the ALS community through the ALS Network has been important to me and my family. We are able to learn about the different ways that people are managing the disease.

My background is in science and engineering, so I’m interested in research. I am hoping to get more people living with ALS to participate. It’s important for the scientists who are working on treatments and cures for ALS – people who are devoting so much time and energy into it – to have a chance to interact with people living with the disease.

Even though I’m coming into this from the perspective of a person with ALS, I’m having fun learning and contributing, and am looking forward to continuing this journey. It is exciting at times, scary at times. But it’s part of what I feel like I need to do – to still find ways to get into the world and to make an impact in the community.

David Buseck
Person with ALS
Board member, ALS Network

Visit the ALS Network’s website to see the ways that YOU can take action during ALS Awareness Month and all year long.

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