Culver City officially recognizes ALS Awareness Month

2024 AAM Culver City

The City of Culver City officially recognized May 2024 as ALS Awareness Month by signing a proclamation on Tuesday, May 28, 2024 during a City Council meeting.

The proclamation encouraged residents to join the fight against ALS by honoring the lives lost to ALS and recognizing the efforts of healthcare professionals, researchers, advocates, and organizations such as the ALS Network who are working to find treatments and cures for ALS.

Kenny Stimmel, currently living with ALS, and Justin Wieging, Senior Director of Community Outreach at the ALS Network, were both in attendance to receive the commemoration in honor of those who have been affected by ALS.

“We are very big into advocacy of trying to find more resources. To find a way to get more access to treatments and cures. We’re honored that you have us here tonight. We are here to serve everyone we possibly can, especially those right here in Culver City,” said Wieging.

“Six out of every 100,000 people are diagnosed with ALS and somehow I’ve known three of them. It’s really tough obviously; especially on the family members. If you know someone who is suffering, not only support them but support the family members who care for them as well,” said Vice Mayor Dan O’Brien during the council meeting.

The ALS Network is grateful to Darrel Menthe, Executive Director of the Culver City Downtown Business Association for efforts in connecting us and making this happen. You can watch the full proclamation presentation aquí.

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