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Advocacy Update – California Assembly Bills

2023 Important Update(1)

We are excited to share that California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed ALS Golden West’s two bills into law, ensuring more support and funding for the ALS community. This is a critical step in further advancing research, treatments, and care for people living with ALS across California.

ALS Golden West was instrumental in creating the legislation that includes:

  • AB 424: Authored by Assemblymember Isaac Bryan and sponsored by ALS Golden West, the bill establishes a statewide amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) registry. As a result, the California Department of Public Health is directed to collect data on ALS and require hospitals and healthcare professionals to report each case of ALS. 
  • AB 511: Authored by Assemblymember Diane Dixon and sponsored by ALS Golden West, the bill creates the California ALS Research Network Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund allowing Californians filing their State income taxes to donate an amount of their choice to help fund ALS research.

We will share with you more important updates about these bills as they are enacted. 

On behalf of Golden West, thank you to our legislators and passionate advocates that collaborate with us at all levels – state, local, and federal – to increase awareness and resources for people affected by ALS. These advocates affect real change and address the needs of the ALS community.

Feel free to connect with us at or 866-750-2572 with any questions you may have. To learn more about our advocacy efforts and become an ALS advocate, please visit our website.

Please join us in celebrating these extraordinary accomplishments, made possible through our organization’s state ALS advocacy program in partnership with you!

Sheri-Strahl.pngFred Fisher, MSW, LCSW
President & CEO
ALS Golden West
Audra-Hindes.pngSheri Strahl, MPH, MBA
Chief Operating Officer
ALS Golden West

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