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A special message about the Hawaii fires and the ALS community

Special Message

In the past few weeks, individuals and families in Hawaii have experienced devastating wildfires that have claimed more than 110 lives to date while more than 1,000 people remain missing. Our hearts are heavy for Hawaii, and we send much love, strength, and resilience.

We have maintained close communication with members of our ALS ohana in Hawaii. We can confirm all are safe and accounted for at this time. However, we know this natural disaster will have an ongoing impact for residents.

As the effects of these fires continue to unfold and affect people with ALS and their families, along with our supporters, board members, and staff, we want to keep you informed of our efforts during this difficult time.

  • Golden West care services and community outreach staff have been and will continue to be in contact with Golden West families in Hawaii to assess their safety and well-being. We will continue to address the unique needs of our families now and in the coming weeks. As always, our support groups, equipment loan program and other resources remain available. We are also providing emergency support for our affected families. For more information about local support needs, please contact your care manager directly or email us at
  • Wildfire smoke can be extremely detrimental to people with respiratory conditions and impacted breathing function, like those with ALS. We are working with our Maui families to facilitate access to appropriate air filtration devices. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends following local air quality reports and using a freestanding indoor air filter with particle removal to help protect individuals. The CDC has a detailed website with more information about wildfires, other natural disasters, and severe weather.

Situations like the Hawaii wildfires compound the challenges faced by people with ALS and their loved ones, and underscore the importance of our ongoing commitment to providing care services to our ALS community. We will maintain our work to help the families we serve during this critical time, as well as continue to support those who are being diagnosed with ALS every day.

Please contact us at or 866-750-2572 with any questions.

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